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Need To Know About Hospital Grade Breast Pumps?

All About Hospital Grade & Single Use Breast Pumps

A hospital-grade breast pump is an electric multi-user breast pump that is capable of single and double pumping. Hospital-grade breast pumps are designed for multiple users due to temporary separation from their baby for various medical reasons preventing from skin to skin breastfeeding. These hospital-grade breast pumps are considered most reliable and efficient breastfeeding equipment available in the hospital labor & delivery setting or NICU for the nursing mothers in their care. Hospital-grade breast pump requires breast pump accessory set intended for use by a single user only and should not be shared between users due to the hygienic reasons.

Many mothers have asked if they can safely sell, purchase, or use a previously owned breastpump.
Personal use pumps that you buy at the store are personal care items, much like a toothbrush. Personal use pumps should never be resold or shared
among mothers due to the concerns about the health and welfare of breastfeeding mothers and their babies. There is evidence that bacteria and certain viruses may be transmittable through breastmilk.

What is the cost to Rent or Buy a Hospital-Grade Breast Pump?

Pump Rental Cost: ( $64.00 - $80.00 ) per month depending on rental period.

We recommend renting a Hospital -- Grade breast pump such as Medela Symphony or Ameda Elite and Platinum breast pumps. Renting a Hospital-Grade breast pump is an affordable alternative to purchasing. This will allow you to make a decision before investing in purchasing. Purchase cost varies: $1,700 - $2,500.00. Commitment to purchase comes with Manufacturer's warranty of 3 years for the Symphony breast pump. When purchased, it may not be returned once opened due to the hygienic reasons. In the event this hospital grade pump stops working you will need to send it to Medela to repair which may take up to two weeks to receive. Same applies to Ameda Hospital Grade Breast Pumps. However, when you rent a hospital grade breast pump, Worldwide Surgical will exchange your rented pump with no questions asked.

Can I Buy Or Borrow A Pre-owned Breastpump?

It is not advisable to use a previously owned, personal use breastpump, such as Medela’s Pump In Style or Ameda's Mya Joy. However, it is safe to use a Rental pump, such as Medela’s Symphony , Symphony Plus or Symphony with Rechargeable Battery. Medela Classic or Lactina pumps are also hospital grade breast pumps which have been discontinued, but may be rented. Personal use pumps that you buy at the store are personal care items, much like a toothbrush. Personal use pumps should never be resold or shared among mothers. Breast pump sharing with other mothers can carry bacteria, which may be passed on to you or your baby and make you or your baby sick. Beware that buying a used breast pump or sharing a breast pump with most manufacturers may be a violation of warranty. This will void warranty. You will not be able to have your pump fixed or exchanged or get simple help from the manufacturer if you have a problem.

What is a Personal Use Breast Pump?

Personal use pumps that you buy at the store are personal care items, much like a toothbrush. Personal use pumps should never be resold or shared among mothers. The Medela Pump In Style Advanced & Ameda's Mya Joy. has an internal diaphragm that cannot be removed, replaced, or fully sterilized. Therefore, the risk of cross-contamination associated with re-using a previously owned pump such as the Pump In Style cannot be dismissed, even when using a new kit or tubing. Similarly, the Medela Swing breastpump has an internal motor that cannot be removed, replaced or fully sterilized. Another consideration when deciding to borrow or even lend a previously owned electric pump is the pump’s motor life. A high quality electric double pump might last through the breastfeeding of your second child, or even several children. However, like computers or other electronic products, an electric breastpump has a limited lifetime. Medela guarantees its pump motors with a one year warranty. If you use an electronic pump that has been used for more than one year, there is no guarantee that it will generate as much speed and vacuum as it did earlier in it’s life. By using your own pump, you can compare the pump’s performance with each child. However if you borrow a pump, you cannot gauge its performance to ensure it is operating at full capacity.

Can my FSA*HSA account cover the cost to rent the Medela Symphony Pump?

Yes. Renting any of the Medela Symphony Breast pump with Worldwide Surgical has a starting monthly cost of $80.00 which is reduced if you happen to decide to extend to 3 month or 5 month rental.. This does not include the Medela Symphony Pumping Kit which is required in order to use the pump. You may reach out to your insurance company to enquire for reimbursement for your cost of the pump. FSA and HSA spending accounts may be used to cover the cost of your rental.
Any Ameda or Medela breastfeeding products as well as Baby Scale Rentals qualify for FSA & HSA spending accounts.

Rental pumps such as Medela’s Symphony, Classic and Lactina or Ameda's Egnell Elite, Lact-E, SMB or Platinum are designed for multiple users. These pumps have special barriers and filters to prohibit milk from entering the pump motor, which prevent cross-contamination. In addition, each renter uses her own personal set of breastshields, containers and tubing, to ensure the safe use of these pumps.

Different mothers have different pumping needs and economic means. For this reason, Medela & Ameda pumps come in a variety of styles and prices. For information on Medela or Ameda products, contact us. Call Worldwide Surgical (877)605-6005 For product information,

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