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Before Baby Arrives

Though breastfeeding is natural, technique is a learned skill. It is important to get started correctly, even before your baby is born. You need to know well in advance how to identify and avoid possible problems, and where to turn if difficulties do arise. Many breastfeeding problems may occur when you establish your nursing patterns. With proper and prompt attention, the majority of these problems disappear as quickly as they develop.

Plan to learn as much as you can about breastfeeding. You will be making an important investment in your and your baby's continued good health. An abundance of valuable reference material is available to help you get started. Medela offers a complete line of breastfeeding books that covers all aspects of breastfeeding, as well as how to use a breastpump, with expert, thorough instruction.

The most important contact before and during your breastfeeding experience is with certified lactation consultants and/or support organizations such as La Leche League International (LLL) and the Nursing Mothers' Council. By attending League meetings, for example, you will have the opportunity to meet and compare notes with other breastfeeding mothers. As your questions are answered, you will receive the helpful tips and reassurances you need to make your breastfeeding experience even more rewarding.

As with any skill, the keys to successful breastfeeding are practice and patience. Learn all you can and then surround yourself with people who will offer you the encouragement you need. Be easy on yourself. Relax and enjoy this special and wondrous experience.